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Achievements - Achievements :.


Projects succesfully executed by PAD Associates include :

- Sensitization and Stigma reduction education programmes for some rural schools

- Pulpils of Abokobi J.S.S listening attentively durinig a training session

- Market women and Hair dressers in cocational Training participating in STI/HIV/AIDS prevention and Stigma reduction education programme.

Pad Associate co-piloted a project that involves the provision of refuge for PLWHAS who have been rejected by families and ejected from their homes by landlords. It is now providing a refuge to a couple.

Carrying the message of HIV/AIDS prevention, management and education on stigma reduction and discrimination to women, youth and religious groups including the

marketing women

Young women in vocational training e.g. Hairdressers.

Youth Fellowship groups in religious organizations

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People And Development Associates also known as Pad Associates\' achievements can be found here

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